How to Make It Easy for Customers to Leave a 5-Star Google Review

by | 02/02/2018

*Update 11/23/2018 – Google is now preventing links from pre-filling the 5 stars in their review forms. This guide will still help you generate a link for customers to leave a review.

Ratings, reviews, and testimonials are forms of what we in the digital marketing industry refer to as “social proof”. Social proof sets a customer’s mind at ease and can heavily influence their purchasing decisions.

Think about your own purchasing habits. When you search for a local Italian restaurant, plumber, or product on Google who do you go with? The business with 0 reviews or the place with 37 reviews and a 4.5 star rating?

Online reviews generate credibility, help improve your local online presence, and give you an edge over your competitors’ listings. Not only is it important that you encourage customers to leave a review but you also need to make it super easy for them.

This tutorial will teach you how to use a free service to generate a direct link to your Google review form that is pre-populated with 5-Stars.

Step 1

Visit the following URL:

Step 2

Scroll down and enter your business name into the search field.

A drop-down list will appear and auto-populate with suggestions. Click on your business name.

Step 3

Decide on the type of link you want to use.

Two types of links will be generated.

  1. The first option will link to a Google review form that is pre-filled with 5 stars.
  2. The second will link to a list of existing reviews for the business.

A cool thing about the service is that is will generate the links in a few different ways:

  •  A QR code image you can use in physical locations or include in print media
  • A long form link
  • A shortened link (great for sharing)
  • Or an option to send a copy of the link in an email to yourself or your developer which is super handy.

Step 4

Copy your link

Click “Ok”

Step 5

Paste the copied link into your browser to test.

And you’re done!

Now that you have the link, it’s time to reach out to old customers to leave a review. You should also consider using the link in a button or call-to-action on your website and social profiles to encourage future customers to do the same.

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